Chimney Repair

Brick masonry is a popular choice for chimney construction due to its durability and ability to withstand high temperatures. However, over time, the mortar joints between the bricks can become damaged or deteriorated, which can lead to water penetration and structural issues. Here are some common brick masonry services related to chimney repair:

Repointing: This involves removing the old, damaged mortar from the joints and replacing it with fresh mortar. Repointing is often done as a preventative measure to keep water from seeping into the chimney and causing further damage. It can also improve the appearance of the chimney by making it look more uniform.

Brick Replacement: If one or more bricks in the chimney are damaged or cracked, they can be replaced with new bricks to maintain the structural integrity of the chimney. This is typically done during repointing, but can also be done as a standalone service.

Full Chimney Rebuilds: In some cases, the damage to the chimney may be so severe that a full rebuild is required. This involves completely dismantling the chimney down to the roofline and rebuilding it with new bricks and mortar. A full rebuild may be necessary if the chimney is leaning, has extensive water damage, or has been compromised by a fire.

Regardless of the type of brick masonry service needed for your chimney, it's important to hire a qualified professional with experience in chimney repair. Schmitt Happens will be able to assess the damage and recommend the appropriate repairs to ensure your chimney is safe and functional for years to come.