Small Projects

Masonry rebuilding projects can range from simple repairs to major reconstruction. Some of our most common masonry rebuilding projects include:

  • Chimney Rebuilding: Over time, chimneys can become damaged or deteriorated, and rebuilding may be required to ensure structural integrity and safety. This may involve the replacement of damaged bricks or stones, the installation of a new flue, and the application of a new mortar.
  • Wall Rebuilding: Masonry walls can also become damaged over time due to weather exposure, settlement, or other factors. Rebuilding may involve the removal and replacement of damaged or deteriorated masonry, the installation of steel reinforcement, and the application of a new mortar.
  • Foundation Rebuilding: The foundation is the structural base of a building, and damage to it can compromise the entire structure. Foundation rebuilding involves the installation of a new foundation, often with steel reinforcement and waterproofing.